Kicks Counts & Baby Movements

In Mourne Scan Clinic, we now stock the Kicks Count bracelets. These bracelets are developed by the Kicks Count charity.

They are £3.75 with all proceeds donated to Kicks Count.

The purpose of the bracelet is for women to get to know their baby’s movement by manually changing  the numbers on the bracelet .

Kicks Count was established in 2009 after founder Sophia Wyatt’s daughter was sadly delivered still born.  Chloe died just 3 days before her due date.

Sophie set out to provide mothers-to- be with information that she hadn’t got at the time.

When babies are in any type of distress within the womb, they move less before they sadly pass away.  Pregnant ladies are encouraged to report any changes in movements to their maternity unit as soon as possible.

Feeling your baby move is a sign that they are well. It is NOT TRUE that babies will move less towards the end of pregnancy. Mothers should continue to feel their babies movements right up to and during labour.

‘We want mums-to be to have knowledge and confidence throughout pregnancy. Ensuring pregnant women know the importance of monitoring their baby’ movements and encourage them to work with their healthcare providers to promote a healthy outcome. Empowering mums-to-be with confidence to follow her instincts and seek advice if she is ever worried.’ (Kicks Count)

Below we have set out some of the FAQ’s regarding baby’s movements.

When should I start to feel movement?

Although each pregnancy and each woman will differ, most women usually will begin to feel their baby move between 16 and 24 weeks.

How often should my baby move?

Each baby will have their own pattern of movement that you should get to know. You should feel your baby move increasingly more up until 32 weeks. After this, baby’s movements should remain approximately the same up until birth.

What should I do if I notice reduced movement?

If you believe your baby’s movements have slowed down or indeed stopped, contact you midwifery unit immediately. Please DO NOT put this off to next day to see what happens.

Please DO NOT WORRY about phoning. The units are staffed 24 hours per day and 7 days a week. It is crucial that you inform your midwife of any reduced movements.

Please DO NOT USE dopplers or other phone app’s to monitor your baby’s heartbeat. These are not reliable methods to use.

A reduction in baby’s movements can sometimes be a warning that your baby is unwell .

‘Over half of women who had a stillbirth noticed their baby’s movements had slowed down or stopped.’ (Kicks Count)